The Sphinx, Pyramids Creation by Sam Younghans

GIZA - Creation of the Sphinx & Pyramids
by Sam Younghans
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To Vanessa and Synchronicity
It is at the end of the Sphinx story. If you are interested in Synchronicity read this first.

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Sam's Story


Giza; The Creation of the Sphinx & Pyramids
By Sam Younghans
Created, Friday, July 6, 2012 – Last Modified, Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I am publishing this story with a number of my other short stories. I removed most of the content because of that. I will list it when it is on line. Below is a history of how I came to write about Giza with it Sphinx and Pyramids.

In the sixties and seventies, I read many books on spiritualism and psychic phenomenon. Ruth Montgomery, Jean Dixon, Arthur Ford, David St. Clair, Marie Corelli, and, of course, books about Edgar Cayce were some of the many books I read.

My first introduction to the books of Edgar Cayce came in the early sixties. I found his stories believable and absolutely interesting. I don’t know how many books I’ve read, by and about him, but I know it has been many.

Those stories had a great influence on my life. I have many stories written about my life, but not much about this. I realize, to complete my life story that this influence must be brought to light.

In 1997 I started a web site for my book CANCEL CHRISTMAS. Because of all of my interests, the site grew out of proportion. At that time I lived in San Diego and belonged to an A.R.E. group. When I moved, I drifted away from organizations and groups. In 2003, I started a section  (Words of Encouragement). I included a section about Edgar Cayce and Ruth Montgomery.

In 2011, I once more became interested in Cayce’s readings. In 2011, I started re-reading Edgar Cayce and found some new books about him.  I added a section about Edgar Cayce on my other site I re-read the old books, and found some of the newer ones. Many new things have turned up about various proofs of his credibility, which I never doubted. Then in 2012 I joined A.R.E.

Chuck Sphinx


Some of the many items in Edgar Cayce’s readings that interested me were his comments on Atlantis, the pyramids, the Sphinx of Giza, and the Lost Records. The pyramids and the Sphinx have always fascinated me. I have been to Bimini a few times, but it was before I read Edgar Cayce’s comments on Atlantis. Before I begin telling you about my vision, I want to tell you a little of my past experiences, so that you will understand where I am at with all of this psychic talk.

Hypnosis was another subject that influenced my life. In 1953 when I was discharged from the army, I entered the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. One of the interesting subjects I studied was psychology, which included some information on hypnotism. I found it very interesting and started practicing. I was on the GI bill at that time, and so to earn more money, I worked on Miami Beach as a swimming and diving instructor.  The hotel I worked in also had a trampoline, so I taught that as well.

My first hypnotic session was with a man who came to me for swimming lessons. He said he had tried most of the instructors on the beach and could not swim. We entered the shallow end of the pool; about four foot deep. I told him to relax and to lift his feet off of the bottom of the pool. His head immediately went forward, under the water, and he stayed in that position, struggling to regain his footing. He would have drowned if I hadn’t helped him back on his feet. I found that he had a deep fear of the water, so I put him under and removed the fear. By his third lesson he was diving in the deep end and swimming to the other side of the pool. This really encouraged me to continue.

For years I helped people through hypnosis – I also practiced self-hypnosis and self-healing. Years later, my son was learning massage therapy at a school that also taught hypnosis. He told me I could become a certified hypnotist if I attended the school. I followed his advice, and while at the school, hypnotized the entire class. I received my certificate, but never went into the business; I felt guilty charging for my service because it was so simple. I taught many people how to do self-hypnosis.

I recently read a book, “The Message of the Sphinx” by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval; Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E. are mentioned many times. It was a most interesting book. They did not try to answer the question of how they were constructed, but they did tell about the 200-ton blocks in the temples to the right of the Sphinx. It is still a mystery of how they came to be. I have a theory that I have never read anywhere. I told it to a few people who thought it sounded very logical and they had never heard of it. Because of my beliefs, I am sure that others have thought of this, but I am writing about it in order to find out.

In this month’s issue of “Venture Inward” there was an article by Don Carroll with Randy Griffith on “Visions Lead to Archaeological Discovery about the Great Pyramid”. I expected to read my theory, but it was not so, although there was a comment about something that could help prove my theory. I will relate it when I come to that part of my theory. I had intended to write about this, and now decided I had better do it soon.

I had just finished reading “The Message of the Sphinx” and was preparing for a train ride to visit my daughter, Candace, in Ashland, Oregon. As it was near the departure date, June 7, 2012, we were talking daily on the phone. For some reason I told her that, when we hung-up, I was going to travel back to Egypt to find out how the pyramids were built. Candace knows me well. She told me to be sure and get back before the train left without me.

When I hung up, I put myself under and went back to the time just before the Sphinx was built. This is what I saw: I was in Egypt, on the north side of where the Sphinx would be created. There were no pyramids, nor was there a Sphinx. I did not try to identify myself because I was too interested in what was happening in front of me. The people I saw were not dressed as the people of the pharaoh’s times. They were dressed in clothes that fit snuggly and were of similar green colors.

chuck Pyramids







Hymn to Osiris

I have come home.
I have entered human-hood,
bound to rocks and plants, men and women,
rivers and sky.
I shall be with you in this and other worlds.
When the cat arches in the doorway, think of me.
I have sometimes been like that.
When two men greet each other in the street,
I am there speaking to you.
When you look up, know I am there -
sun and moon pouring my love around you.
All these things I am, portents, images, signs.
Though apart, I am a part of you.
One of the million things in the universe,
I am the universe, too.
You think I disguise myself as rivers and trees
simply to confuse you?
Whatever I am, woman, cat or lotus,
the same god breathes in every body.
You and I together are a single creation.
Neither death nor spite nor fear nor ignorance
stops my love for you...

"Excerpted from "Awakening Osiris - The Egyptian Book of the Dead." Copyright © 1988 Normandi Ellis


Petrology – The study of rocks. From Wikipedia

Igneous rocks are formed when molten magma cools and are divided into two main categories: Plutonic rock and volcanic. Plutonic or intrusive rocks result when magma cools and crystallizes slowly within the Earth’s crust (example granite), while volcanic or extrusive rocks result from magma reaching the surface either as lava or fragmental ejecta (examples pumice and basalt)

Sedimentary rocks are formed by deposition of either clastic seiments, organic matter, or chemical precipitates (evaporites), followed by compaction of the particulate matter and cementation during  diagenesis. Sedimentary rocks form at or near the Earth's surface. Mud rocks comprise 65% (mudstone, shale and siltstone); sandstones 20 to 25% and carbonate rocks 10 to 15% (limestone and dolostone). Metamorphic banded gneiss

Metamorphic rocks are formed by subjecting any rock type (including previously formed metamorphic rock) to different temperature and pressure conditions than those in which the original rock was formed. These temperatures and pressures are always higher than those at the Earth's surface and must be sufficiently high so as to change the original minerals into other mineral types or else into other forms of the same minerals (e.g. by recrystallization).

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Omega, the last ship to leave Earth
Painted, oil on canvas by Sam Younghans

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Vanessa started the ball rolling, she was the key that opened the door to my synchronicity (my favorite word. Created by Carl Gustav Jung). How did she do that? I will tell you.

There were a number of events that happened before Vanessa entered the picture, but it all ties in. First thing was my trip to visit my Daughter, Candace, in Ashland, OR., in early June of 2012. When she first wrote me that she was living in Ashland, and riding her bicycle around town, I became concerned. My visit removed all “big city” concerns; not only did it remove my concerns, I decided then, that would be my next move. In November of 2012 I moved up to Ashland and I am still here.

Early in 2011 I was writing a one-man act about Carl Jung. I was reading his book “Memories, Dreams, Reflections” that was about his childhood up to his age of 81 at the time when he wrote it. It was very interesting. I thought then, and still do today, that it would make a great one-man show.

Edgar Cayce was one of my longtime interests. In the 50s and 60s I read most of the books by, and about, him. He was known as the Sleeping Prophet. He was much more than that. He healed people, did past life regressions, along with many prophecies that have been proven as the years pass. Some of the topics he wrote about that interested me were on Atlantis and Lemuria, age and past life regressions, the Sphinx and the pyramids, with the stories of the hidden records in Egypt. To save space and your time I will refer you to my website, where you can learn about the beginning of my synchronicity. will get you there. I recommend reading a little further before going there.

I first met Vanessa through my Daughter when they were doing a performance at the Ashland Armory. Candace brought me into the show, and I met the director, Vanessa Hopkins. Sometime later, I received a call from Vanessa asking me to portray Mr. Monopoly, to help combat the corporations that were bringing GMOs into Oregon. I was to be a figure of the monsanto corporation.

I wore a top hat, a monocle, a tuxedo, and passed out false money. I also needed a moustache. I bought one and pasted it over my smaller moustache. We drove to Medford and spent the day walking around passing out money. That night, I had to cut the moustache off of my moustache. It was very painful, so I decided to let my moustache grow in case I was needed again for that role. I, also, let my hair grow. I don’t know why, it just seemed like the thing to do.

Time passes, I continued letting my hair and moustache grow. One day someone made a comment that I looked like Einstein. I didn’t think anymore about it. Then my friend Russell, who is from South Africa, called, asking me if I would house sit while he and his family went to South Africa to visit their parents. I was down there inLos Angeles, for the month of December, 2014. When they returned I yook a train to Irvine to visit my other Daughter, Samantha. Russell dropped me off at Union Station and we said goodbye.

I walked into the station and headed for the information booth. There was a man and a woman in the booth. As I neared the booth, the man looked at me, and then became very excited. He shook the lady’s arm and I heard him say, in a very excited voice, “Look, look, doesn’t that look like Albert Einstein. The lady looked, and her jaw fell open. On the train ride down to Irvine, I decided that I would have to do a one-man show about Albert Einstein.

While visiting my daughter, I started reading one of her books, titled “Sparks of Genius” by Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein. I talked about it so much that a few days after returning home, the book “Sparks...” arrived in the mail. Samantha had ordered one online, and it was sent directly to me. It is a great book. I am still reading and re-reading it. Both Jung and Einstein are mentioned numerous times.

Then I discovered a book in my collection, about Edgar Cayce, that I had never read. Written in 1989 by Harmon Hartzell, titled “A Seer Out of Season.” It is one of the best books about Edgar Cayce I have ever read. The Author and his wife spent years with Edgar Cayce in order to write this book. It tells more about Cayce from a front row seat.

So I am reading all three books, plus researching Albert Einstein on line. Then one day, I saw how the three men and myself had something in common, but not in common. We were different, but the same. I decided to do a one-man show using all three of them. The title was simple; “Jung, Cayce, Einstein, Me, Sex, and Religion. It has been a long time since I was excited about anything. There is more to this story, so if you made it this far, you won’t be disappointed if you continue.

When I first arrived in Ashland, I looked up the community drama groups. One was Ashland Contemporary Theater (ACT). I met with Ruth Wire, who was one of the founders of the group, then I went to some of their meetings. In the meantime I did my older one-man show, and Ruth came to see it. I was in contact with her numerous times throughout the three years I was living in Ashland.

During that time I was reading the books and writing the one-man show. Then I met Richard Heller, who was with the Bellview Grange. He invited to me to one of their productions at the Grange Hall. I went, sat at a table by myself, then Ruth Wire appears, and I invite her to sit with me. She told me her director would be coming. There was room for her too.

At this time I had been running an acting workshop at the Elks Lodge in Ashland, and had just finished producing my play, “Can You see Him Now?” Something clicked in me; I realized that I had been pursuing, whatever it was, totally wrong. I stopped the workshop at the Elks, and started focusing on my one-man play. I felt great and so relieved from the wrong pressure I was putting on myself.

All of this adds up to what is about to happen. Synchronicity! I receive an email from Ruth, saying they are producing a show of one-act plays, and that one of them is one she wrote. Would I like to have a part? The play was titled “The Ferry of Relativity” with my role, being Albert Einstein. Of course, I took the part. Ruth fashioned my hair from one of the wilder photos of Einstein, and when I came on stage, people gasped. I knew then I had to do my one-man show.

So the synchronicity had started earlier, but the moustache, is what pulled it all together. If Vanessa hadn’t asked me to be Mr. Monopoly, and I hadn’t bought the moustache, none of this would have happened.
Synchronicity! Thank you, Vanessa!

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