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Are you tired of reading bad news in the paper?
Here is a paper with only good news. I recommend

Remember the Guys and Gals, who went off to die for you,
and don't forget the ones who returned. Veterans!

If you are into meditation, mantras, and mandalas CLICK HERE!

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Illustrated Cancel Christmas

View illustrated book
Don't wait till Christmas!

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Hi Folks:
Above is an image of the cover of my new illustrated version of CANCEL CHRISTMAS. I have been working on this project for years, and finally it is completed. You can click on the cover to see more of the book.

If you have children, grandchildren, or both. this is a great book to read to them. You will also be supporting me and my project. After all of these years of service to you, I don't think this is too much to ask.
My Deepest Regards,
Sam Younghans

Order Now!
View illustrated book
Don't wait till Christmas!

List price $17.50
+ $4.00 shipping
Your price through this site
+ $4.00 shipping

Make check or money order to:
Parsec Santa
P.O. Box 1181
Ashland, OR 97520



My old faithful web host has been taken over by the "Big Boys" Many things have stopped working. I am working many hours to fix the links and the fonts. Please let me know if you run into any errors.

Photos: at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion


Dressed for Romeo and Juliet with the American Ballet Theater (ABT).
The two young pages with Sam are: Noah (left) and Michael (right)

Parsecsam's YouTube videos
See Paula Samonte's Symphony, The Swingkids, Brady the Great, Scenes from Cancel Christmas, Chuck Wagon Coffee, Sam's commercial, and more.
A link to Katie Lee, who had a poem "Chuck Wagon Coffee" written by S. Omar Barker in a book she wrote "Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle".
Sam's (Blogs) Column
Read Dan Kimber's blog

Both of my Daughters have new web sites - Samantha - Candace


I stayed at the Golden Nugget while visiting Monti Rock III.
It is a fantastic hotel I recommend it for a pleasant enjoyable stay.

Golden Nugget
Golden Nugget Hotel

Award of excellence from the Film Advisory Board.
"CANCEL CHRISTMAS is a wonderful book for children, and the type of story that is needed in these days of violence."

Click here for some good entertainment

Click here for the new illustrated book

Scenes from various productions of
Cancel Christmas on youtube

President Barack Obama - His White House Accomplishments
Name list for my new book,
My movie - Cancel Christmas

Cancel Christmas
is in production
for this coming Holiday Season

Antique book from 1756

For a special treat, SAM recommends The Himalayan Cafe in Ukiah. CA
See my Youtube channel to see videos
I have posted. Click here for access.

Casting information for Cancel Christmas


Chicago's Famous Maxwell Street History - Blues
My web host is (was) VERIO/NTT
It is no longer Verio - it has been taken over by a big company
and the great service it used to have is gone.
I no longer recommend them.
I am looking for a web host that has
it's technical support in the U S.
I am not prejudiced, but when you are looking for technical advice, you
want to understand the person giving the advice;
it is not possible
when the accent is so
thick that you don't understand what is being said.

The Greedy mite

The Greedy Greedy Awards
Awards for the greediest people, corporations and businesses on this planet.

Update on "The Sparky Group"


Read Sam''s Story
in this book.
Another book with one of Sam's stories will be released in September 2009
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To Celebrity Site

Below is Sam, with some friends.  A little of what you will see on this site. Sarah Vaughan, Johnny Mathis, Neil Diamond, Peter Noone, Richard Eagan, Sammy Davis Jr.,The Vagabonds, Monti Rock III, Greedo, Redd Foxx, The Supremes, Sergio Mendez, Stevie Wonder, Shelly Winters, Victoria Principal, Lena Horne, Judy Garland and Ray Bolger are a few of the celebrities on this site.

Paula Samonte

Paula's latest performance with the Ukiah Symphony (on YouTube)

Photos of Paula Samonte at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

See her perform at the Boys and Girls Club Theater in Irvine.
Also performing are the Baroqueleles
More about Paula                 More about the Baroquelels

To Cindi Valverde's site about her new product "reusable, washable produce bags."

Read Sam's story about Joe the turtle, published on Angel Animals.
Check out Duchess, the wonder dog.
NEW! Story published in Angel Horses
* Inspirational Stories and Links

Click here for my views on war - also the latest about these times and war.

Letters to the President: Pro & Con


Sam with Miss Universe 1960 and Miss Universe 1961 in Miami Beach

Special Comment About "Sacrifice" A must read!!
    By Keith Olbermann
    MSNBC "Countdown"

  Photo Section, Cuba, Miami in the 40s and 50s.
   Webmaster Column
   Celebrity Site 
   New Kensington 
   Letters to the  President
   Order Sam's Christmas book
   Read Sam's Short stories
   My Grandson's web site.

  Streetcar Named Desire - Russell Copley


 Monti Rock III

Tory Wynter
has a  great new CD
Candace1.jpg (12227 bytes)
Portraits of CANDACE

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See Sam's Book
 Cancel Christmas Here

 horseRead about Re/Max

Read Sam's Story, published
in the book Angel Horses.


To amazing photos of the sky

in September 1,1939 - The day HItler marched into Poland,

Duchess, the wonder dog

To stories about pets
 and to Strongheart,
 one of the first movie dogs.

Hidden Talent

Photos and information about talent

Texas Is Where I Want To Be

The Parsec Logo

A visit to San Francisco's,
 Teatro Zinzanni

Photos of the Cayman
 Islands after Ivan

Find out what other people are doing about the war.

A complete line of British food and drink conveniently
located in San Francisco, California. Reasonable prices, prompt shipping.


Have you been wondering why you have been feeling tired, depressed, have an itchy throat, new allergies and other strange symptoms? Do you know about GMOs, or, do you know about the adverse effects of those noisy leaf blowers? Find out how "Big Brother" is looking out for you.

Find out how CODEX is chipping away at our freedom of choice.



About Sam Younghans - Your webmaster

Sam's Column Please read the July 24, 2004 entry.
I realized that I have been a blogger since 1996.
Sam's Blogs

See  - LA Opera - Judas Maccabaeus
A Mandala for Peace

I recently discovered this Universal Flag and it's website.
This is a strong solution for peace.

We need zero pollution - now!


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My favorite photo of Samantha, Duchess and Torre

Samantha, Chris, Sam, Lydia & Nate.

Judas Maccabaeus
Photo by Robert Millard

On stage for the performance of Judas Maccabaeus for the LA Opera at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles. Sam is shaking hands with the conductor, James Conlon.

To more photos of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles

Have you been bitten by the Virus Bug or a Virus Hoax?
Here are some links to sites that can save you time.

A link to the latest viruses on the web.
 If you have a web site - Fight Spam! Click Here!
*** Email Hoaxes and Myths explained. 
Check out these sites. * *

 What is CODEX - who are they??

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Have a Grand Day; Honor the Veterans, They don't make the wars, governments make wars, the Veterans served their country and their government for the right reasons, no matter what the were real reasons of the government.

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Sam Younghans with photos of some of the celebrities Sam knew and worked with. You can see more on the celebrity Pages.


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Are you tired of reading bad news in the paper? Here is a paper with only good news.
I recommend

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