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Bring Back the Bad
Written by Sam Younghans
Musical arrangement
by the Eagle Rock Musicians

The Songs of Cancel Christmas

Listen to the Bells
Tap Tap Tap
Time to ...
Bogwig Of The North
What Am I Going To Do?
Bring Back the Bad
The Flasher Song

Copyrighted Material

Bring back the bad, then we'll be glad,
Glad to see those happy people,
Feeling sad.
Bring back the bad,
The selfish and the cruel,
We all know a good man is really a fool.
We will teach them to hate,
And teach them to fight,
Teach them that a punch in the nose Is always right.
Bring back the bad, Bring back the bad,
Br-i-ng b-a-c-k the ba-a-a-a-a-ad!