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A letter to the Glendal News-Press about Dan Kimber.

This column/blog is written because of my desire to share my thoughts and experiences with my children, grand-children, and anyone who might find it informative, interesting, or plain silly. They are my thoughts and actions, as well as thoughts and actions of others.

If you are reading this, then you are probably on my web site. I started this web site in 1996 to promote a book Cancel Christmas, that was first a play, then a book and finally an animated screenplay. As time passed I began adding other topics until now it is quite large for a little home computer. I have added sites of people I know, historic items, etc. One of the sites, within my site, is about Monti Rock III (you can find out about him on his site). Besides being a performer he writes a column in Las Vegas, He sends me a copy and I post it on his web pages. Reading his column motivated me to write my column. Thank you Monti.
Sam Younghans

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November 22, 2009


I don't remember when I was taught about "them" and "us." Do you remember when you were taught there were differences, and that there were "them" and "us?" I am sure, that at the time of our birth there was only "us" or probably just "me"/ "you". How did that change come about? How were we programmed to the point of hating "them?"

We all started out in this world as "humans;" well defined in the Wikipedia dictionary. With that definition, we should be completely at peace with everyone, we should be happy and secure. We should be really equal, caring, and sharing people. Something went wrong. Many of us on this planet are fearful, selfish, hateful, and deceiving people, only interested in ourselves at any cost. For those who would say, "Not all of us." If you noticed, I said many, not all. I will be generalizing with the realization that are exceptions to everything. Of course there are many differences and exceptions. The one thing that you can't say, "Not all of us." about is that we were all born humans with no knowledge of "them or "us."

I don't know what or when we started out in the universe. My personal feeling is that we all started out as some sort of energy at the same time somewhere in the universe. I have no proof of that, as we have no proof of the many things we are taught to believe as the truth. The reason I feel, as I do, about our beginning has to do with my early childhood. I can't recall exactly when it happened, but it began with a mirror. At some point in my early childhood, I looked into a mirror and saw, or felt, a wonderment that I tried to understand.

I knew I was seeing a body in the mirror, and I knew it was my body; I felt as if I was inside this body, looking out, which I was. I felt as if I could move around inside this body, and that this body was only carrying me around. I felt that no matter what happened to my body, I would be alright, that the "me" inside of that body was not the "me" in the mirror and the "inside me" could not be touched or harmed. I had this experience many times as a child growing up on this planet. At those times I felt that I could do anything, using my body, and that I would not feel it or get hurt.

Those times usually brought about some sort of pain or problem. I found that what I thought, and did, affected the inside me, as well as the outside me. I realized that I was not just riding in this body, but that I was connected to it. But, then the question arose: If I am in this body, and I know it is me, why am I not in another body? I wondered if I could be in another body. Why me? Why did I know me and know that I am in this body. Often, when I am looking in the mirror, I go inside me and see me looking out. Now, as I grow older and my body has changed, I still feel, and think the same way as I did when I was growing up. I can't do double somersaults off of a ten meter diving board anymore. My mind can see me doing it, but my mind also tells me that I am not physically in shape to do it. When I was 79 I tried a somersault off of a one meter board; I did it, but I knew it was time to quit.

So with those thoughts throughout my life and with all of the books I have read on this subject, I arrived at my own beliefs and feeling about life and this planet we live on. I believe we are all part of the cosmos and that we are all connected. I believe that the me inside this body is eternal, and will continue to exist after the body wears out. I believe this life is another learning experience for me. Because I feel we are all connected, I don't have hatred or the feeling of "them" or "us." I not only feel, but know, "love is the strongest and greatest feeling the body can have." When I realized this my life changed. It was a gradual change that started twenty years or so; probably earlier, I just wasn't aware of it. Looking back, I can see that it was happening a lot earlier.

I have had ups and downs, but now my life is full of love.

So, with love, I want to talk about "them" and "us." It doesn't have to be that way. We have been programmed, and have accepted that way of life out of fear and insecurity. If someone is taller than you, that doesn't make you any less of a person; or visa versa. As with all things, including race, color, sex, culture, political or religious beliefs, we are still all humans first. It is when we put other ideas ahead of that concept that we fail as human beings. Do we need to negate something we know is really alright because it was done by "them" and not by "us?"

Our political government is being ruled by those principals along with religious beliefs that are splitting this country into a pool of fear, hate and greed. If this planet is to survive, we must lay aside the "them" and "us" creeds and start putting "all of us" as humans with love first. It may not be that easy to do, but with a little practice, you might be surprised.

DEFINITION OF HUMAN: Humans are bipedal primates belonging to the species Homo sapiens (Latin: "wise man" or "knowing man") in Hominidae, the great ape family. They are the only surviving member of the genus Homo. Humans have a highly developed brain, capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection, and problem solving. This mental capability, combined with an erect body carriage that frees the arms for manipulating objects, has allowed humans to make far greater use of tools than any other species. Mitochondrial DNA and fossil evidence indicates that modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago. Humans now inhabit every continent and low Earth orbit, with a total population of 6.8 billion as of