We all know the word fear,
but do we know how it deals with our personal life?
We are purposely led into fear by many sources:
Government manipulations, TV Commercials, TV alerts; to name a few.
If you become aware of what fear can cause, you can stop it.
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How does fear live in our daily lives? Most of it starts the moment we start the day. Ask yourself, “What is the first thing we do as we prepare for the day. Many will go to the bathroom and read the morning paper. Others will turn on the coffee, and then turn on the morning news. Be it radio or television, we get the same input. Do we really need that input to start or finish a day? I don’t think so.
Fear rules the world. "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.” How many times have we heard this statement?  I doubt if there is anyone who has not heard this, but how many have really heeded the message? We not only live in fear, we promote it. If you don’t already know this, then it is time you did.
Let’s start with an example. The news tells us a country in the Far East is having a revolution. If you know past history of those countries and our government involvement in them, you know that most of the government employees do not speak the language of the country they are in, and they accept any information given to them as the truth. Most of the interpreters of these countries are from that country and controlled by that government. So our officials only hear what those governments want us to hear. In the past, most of it was false in order to receive large financial aid. (Read “A Nation of Sheep” by William J. Lederer.)
So, we know they are having a revolution, but we don’t really know why, or even if there is a revolution. Are people in this country in danger from the revolutionist? Here is a little fear to start the day. Let’s go on. Now the news tells us more about the economy of our country. Here is more fear. Then we hear that terrorist are killing our troops with car bombs, and that the makings for a car bomb were found in a garage in a suburban town in our city. Do we want to get into our car before we look underneath for a possible bomb, and do we hold our breath as we turn the key? Do we need that fear in our lives? The next question is, “What can we do about those situations?” The answer is nothing. We don’t have time, we have to get ready for work.
Along with the fear from the news, let us not forget the fear injected into us from the commercials. Oh yes! “Ask your doctor!” How many commercials a day do you watch, where you are told to ask your doctor? How many of those commercials show you sickness and symptoms you never heard of before? Plus, how many people begin having those symptoms, just because of the suggestions? The pharmaceutical companies are only a half step below the government in subliminal suggestions for fear of all sorts.
Do you hear the buzzing on your radio or TV with the information that this is only a test signal and that you will hear this when there is an emergency. You were happy your grandchildren were coming to visit you today, but all of a sudden you fear for their lives. What if there is an emergency? If there is an emergency, are you going to turn on your radio or television and sit and wait for an announcement, or are you going to do something about it? If you are living in fear, you don’t notice all of the liberties that are being pulled out from under your feet. Fear is used to take our eyes off of the truth of the matter. You don’t have to believe me, but do look around.
9/11 is a good example of using fear to control us. Yes, it happened, but did we have to send our children off to a foreign, hostile country to be killed because of a few fanatics?  And, why was the country hostile? Was it because our politicians and oil companies were exploiting that country? If we weren’t there, in the first place, the 9/11 disaster probably would not have happened. Think about the buildings that were attacked. The Pentagon and the World Trade Center.
How many of the top business people were in the building when the attack came? I rarely heard any comments that addressed it from that point of view. It was considered un-patriotic to make any negative statements about the Bush (both father and son) administrations. (It is not like that with the Obama administration. Those same people who were “patriotic” then are the loudest now.) I know in what countries our troops are being killed, but I don’t know what country we declared war on. Did we declare war on an ideal?
If you watched Bush walk through the rubble of the Twin Towers, you could almost read his mind. I’m sure it was hard for him to keep from rubbing his hands together as he thought, “Oh boy, I will have a war during my administration, and get more oil control for my family.” I knew when I saw him, stop and stare, that war was inevitable. I said it out loud, but no one heard. Also, a person, who was part of the CIA at one time, and quit because of his integrity, told me, that if Bush became president, he would cause a war. This was years before Bush announced his candidacy for president. A prophecy come true. I rate the fear created by the government as number one in fear-mongering.
Fear is stressful; stress is bad for the heart as well as the rest of your body. How do you control fear or stress? I have my way, which I have been practicing for many years. It works pretty well – I made it this far and I am a happy, eighty years old man. One of the first things I noticed in my early years was the fact that I enjoy being helpful. Because I get enjoyment from helping, I consider it a selfish act. I like being selfish. There is a saying that, “Before you can truly love anyone, you must love yourself.”
With that said, when I hear these terrible news stories and there is nothing I can do to help, it is very frustrating. I decided that if I didn’t hear these stories I wouldn’t get frustrated or stressed. That was the point when I stopped listening to the news on the radio or television, and I stopped reading the news in the papers. Yes I wasn’t informed, or misinformed, but I also wasn’t stressed, which was more important to me.
Occasionally I check the news; usually when there has been an earthquake, hurricane, or other disaster, like oil spills. I do that because I care, not because I want to be informed. I can usually tell in a conversation how news oriented the person is in regards to being “informed.” It is sad to see people so caught up in the news to a point to where their lives are almost immersed in total fear. I don’t enjoy being around those people.
Another good remedy for those fear mongers is the “mute” button on your remote. If you don’t have a “mute” button, I recommend getting one. You can tune out most of the commercials. It will also make you aware of just how much time is devoted to commercials in a program. I watch mostly movies, so it is usually 4-5 minutes of commercials to 7-10 minutes of the movie. You are paying your provider to watch commercials; commercials that they gets paid for. He’s got you coming and going. I rent DVDs, or get them from the library and then I can take a commercial break when I want one. You can also record programs, and then watch them using the fast forward button at commercial time.
What does fear accomplish? Once again, it causes stress; then you get sick, and you buy the medications they want you to buy. You purchase many things you don’t really need. You have restless nights and bad dreams. “I must ask my doctor.” As with any professions there are those doctors who care, but a pill pusher only knows what the pharmaceutical companies tell him. The government is not blind, but they allow this manipulation of the people, while outlawing other things that help people. Why? Could it be because it does not profit the pharmaceutical companies?
Fear also breeds hate. When you fear something or some body you soon hate them. An instruction book on how to start a war states: In order to have the people on your side when you start a war, you must first have them hate and fear those countries or people that you wish to conquer. Hitler was a past master at that. He influenced, not only his nation, but, others, around the world, including some of the government people in this country. All based on propaganda filled with lies.
The Japanese had their people so convinced of the brutality of our soldiers that on one island hundreds of men, women and children jumped off of cliffs, rather than be a prisoner of the cruel Americans. Are we, or really any other race, so cruel without the propaganda and the “wars to save us?” Thousands of people from different countries all joined together to root for their favorite soccer team at the World Cup without incident. That was a beautiful experience. An example for the world.
How do you get young people to kill their peers in other countries? Countries have even accomplished this feat within their own countries. – The United States did it in the Civil War, and also during industrial strikes - coal miners and factory workers were killed by the militia in the 30’s. Religious wars are idiotic. Just because one country believes in a different god or way of life doesn’t mean we should kill them or that they are a threat to our existence.
Do you want to have more land or more power for your country? Of course not! Why would you? You as an individual would not gain anything from such a take over. But then, you don’t own a big company that could build factories and hire cheap labor. For this we send our children off to fight and be maimed and killed so that a few can have private golf courses and retreats? The funny thing is, that many people are programmed to believe in them even after they are caught or exposed. We are definitely a nation of sheep. 
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By The Dawn’s Early Light
I have always honored the flag and the National Anthem. Then my thought ran to all of the people who have died, been maimed or are veterans of our countries wars. I always get teary eyed when I go there. They died for their beliefs, which were programed into all of us during the early times after the American Revolution. We were led to believe that all of our wars were for freedom. This was partially true, but after WWII the wars were for power, oil, and money. We were programmed to believe it was for our freedom. Thousands have died to make a few wealthier.
If you look back, the revolution got us our country. The Civil War stopped slavery, but made money for a certain few. After that, what did we gain from the ongoing wars that followed. In WWI and WWII, the soldiers, who survived, were brought back home. they were given a free boat ride back to the States. How free was it? We payed taxes on all payments to the ship builders, the fuel providers, docking facilities, and sailor payments. The veterans didn’t get a free ride home.
What did we gain? Twice we walked out of the enemy’s country with a signed treaty, but they kept their land. Of course some big corporations moved in with their factories. Meanwhile our soldiers were told to shoot the strikers in the mines and factories over here in our country, if they stood up or stopped production. Some of the strikers were veterans from the wars, but it didn't matter; they were holding up profits to the few.
My thoughts then went to the terrible things that are happening to our country today, because of the desires for power and wealth. No thoughts of our country, or the people, who are a part of this country.
I remember the talk about tourists causing other nations to dislike us. The first tourist, were the wealthy, who had the money to visit other countries. They criticized everything that was different from their way of living. They complained about the food, the service, etc. But that was a distraction from the real cause of the hatred that built up against our nation.
When the big corporations moved in, they greased the city officials’ pockets in order to get land and labor at a very cheap price. They corrupted many countries. The people aren’t blind, they saw this, but like most people, did nothing about it. That was until they had enough of it, and started causing disruptions, that our big corporations labeled terrorist attacks. They were no more terrorist attacks than the Boston tea party.
Then they started raising the prices of oil on the oil industry, which the oil companies quickly passed on to us consumers. It was time for some wars to get control of that oil. We are still sending our children to foreign countries to be killed, maimed, or disoriented. When the people raise up it will stop, but as long as they are able to vent on their computers, as I am doing right now, nothing will change except that we may lose our freedom.
I managed to get my thoughts back to the lyrics writer of the star Spangled Banner. I got out of bed, and immediately went online to Wikipedia to find more information. How many of us know, or remember the story of the Star Spangled Banner, of the origin of our flag? below is a link that tells you about our anthem.

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