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Tuesday, November 19, 2013
I just finished reading Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s email. The article so inspiring I decided I had to put a link to it, and to write about. The article had to do with John F. Kennedy’s murder. His reaction to it, and what he did about it. I remember my reaction. I was in a vineyard North of the city of Sonoma, California. I was I was pruning grapevines. It was November and I was finishing the last of the vines. My wife came up to the vineyard to tell me the terrible news. I was very sad. I was sure that he was murdered, not by one individual but by a group of powerful people, and I haven’t changed my mind since. I grew up in the Mafia town, where I learned a lot of truths that are still hidden from us today. I also know that if they could kill President Obama, without causing a revolution, they would do it in a second. I will am side stepping.

I went on Wayne Dyer’s website, and realized that I hadn’t written anything for some time, and came directly to my blog page.
I had gone on Facebook and read something before searching for Wayne Dyer’s Facebook page. It had to do with the learning ignorant ways of other elders in regards to racism, prejudice and hate.

This thought came to me about a week ago, on a Sunday during the football time. I realized that both the crowd of spectators, and the players were, of different races, different colors, and possibly, some were gay. Yet the crowd was cheering them on. It didn’t matter what race, if they were gay, or what color the players were - it only mattered that their team was winning. There’s something to think about.

If they are racists, or if they are prejudice, then how can they cheer for people of a different class than what they put themselves in? Does this sport blind them to the differences? If so, we need more sports.

I believe that is one of the reasons there is so much hate and racism. The racist never talked to anyone of a different race, or mingled with one long enough to know what they were truly like. Some fear this, others don’t want to know; it makes them feel important to be over someone. If they got to know someone of a different race, color or gender preference, they may find out that everyone is really the same. They would have no one to hate. I am finishing this article on my blog at:

Saturday, October 19, 2013 *** To Samantha: Yesterday, I went to the Goodwill in search of a few things.. On my way, I passed a lady, standing by her car with almost an exact image of Papi. Of course I stopped, petted the little beauty, and told the Lady about Papi. She told me her pups name was also Pappy, just spelled different. What a coincidence! But, that wasn’t all. At one corner of the store, the lady with Pappy was talking to another lady, who had a small dog also. They were chatting about their dogs and the other lady said her dog was also part Papillion. Wow! Two, in one day. Then a man walked up carrying his dog that had short hair, and was also part Papillion. Three in one day was fantastic. Of course I thought about all of you and couldn’t wait until I could tell you about it. Not only was this unique, but the day before, Thursday, I had my tooth pulled in Medford, and then went to Old Navy for another one of those thermal shirts like the one you gave me. Of course I was thinking about you then too.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 *** Today, while on Facebook, I ran across a number of posts that were nasty statements against President Obama. It is disgusting that there are so many hateful people in this country. Either, they allow themselves to be led by the nose, or they are prejudiced. A good chance they are both.

The terrible thing is, they probably don’t know they have been programmed by hate mongers, who have been sending out negative and, most of the time, false information, This is something that has been happening for centuries about other races and countries, in order to further their own special interests.
I hear, and/or read the same words from most of these sad, insecure, people, so it is easy to tell which ones have been programmed and which ones are the programmers, who were pre-programmed.

Saturday, October 9, 2013 *** To Candace: I am deeply disturbed that my big mouth disturbed you, and caused you so much stress. It was not my intent. I love you, and care for you, deeply. I am very proud to be your father. I will respect your sensitivity from this point forward. I love being with you, and I don’t need to cause controversy, which seems to be my way. My logic is not that logical. I promise to never offer advice again. Our relationship is vey important to me. When I start to stir those past emotions about me, please tell me immediately, and I will shut up immediately.

Sunday, September 29, 2013 *** This last Friday night my Daughter Candace texted me, inviting me to watch her in a marathon race, combined of bicycles and Kayaks. She was going to paddle a kayak two miles as her part in the Marathon. First, bicycles would start out from downtown Ashland and peddle out to Emigrant Lake, where they pass the banner to the kayak people, who run down a steep hill to the kayaks on the lake, they do the two miles, jump out of their kayaks, run up a hill and pass their banner to new cyclist waiting to peddle back to the city.

On the way to Emigrant Lake I was held up at various spots, waiting for the cyclist to pass. When I arrived at the lake, parked the car and found Candace with her puppy, Honey Bee, waiting for her banner to start the kayaking. She was going to take Honey Bee in the kayak with her. By now HB was happy to be with Candace – and me, when Candace was working. HB loves the water. We took her to the lake where she would jump in and swim around like a duck. Once she learned to jump off of the pier there was no holding her back. It was a joy to watch her paddle around the lake.

Soon the cyclist on Candace’s team arrived and she and HB ran down the long ramp, got in their Kayak and started paddling.  I was standing at the top of the hill watching. It was so delightful watching them run down the long ramp and get into their kayak, that I had tears in my eyes. They were about a hundred yards off shore when I saw a splash. I wasn’t surprised when I saw the splash and their kayak stopped. I couldn’t see clearly, but what happened was that when HB jumped overboard, Candace looked back to see where she was and the kayak dumped Candace into the lake. HB started swimming toward shore and Candace decided to continue without her. From the distance I was from the lake, I didn’t notice this. I though HB was back in the kayak.

When the kayaks started to return, I walked over to the side of the hill and moved closer to the lake. I wanted to see them make shore. I was standing there trying to see which kayak was Candace’s, when I noticed a fellow with a dog that looked like HB, I was still too far away to really recognize anyone. The dog was leading him up the hill and she was dragging her leash. I gave my special whistle that I use with her, and she perked up her ears and started running up the hill to me. It was HB. The fellow came up the hill and I recognized him – he was a friend of Candace’s. He told me that he was standing down there watching the return and saw HB walking around the people who were waiting. Every so often, HB would run back down the hill and look for Candace – then return to us at the side of the hill. Finally when Candace appeared, HB was down on the shore, ears perked waiting for her darling, Candace. It was a wonderful sight. They came in seventh. I don't know how many were racing, but there were a lot of them.


SEPTEMBER 13, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013 *** Today is my 84th birthday. Amazing! To update my life a little, I will start with my visit to see my Daughter, Candace in Ashland, Oregon. Her adventure and how she wound up in Ashland is her story, and it is a good, interesting story.

This was in July of 2012. I had a grand two weeks. At that time she had been living in Ashland about ten or eleven months. Everywhere we went, and we went everywhere, people would come up to her to say hello. I met so many nice people in that short time I was there, that I was overwhelmed. I decided it was time for me to get out of the LA area. I started packing. I took my car up to Ashland and flew back to LA, rented a truck; loaded my junk onboard, and Russell Copley and I drove up to Ashland, stored my junk in a storage unit, and went to see the town together – of course with Candace.

During that time, Candace introduced me to a friend, who was performing in the show she was producing, as well as directing and acting in it. This young lady had just purchased a house outside of Ashland about four miles. It was situated in beautiful surroundings. She had an add-on building she was going to rent. Guess who moved in. It was a wonderful area, they lady and her friend were great and very active, gardening and working to get the place in order. They were amazing. Then the cold weather appeared.

It was my first northern winter in many years. I think the last winter in cold weather was in 1968 in New York City --the worst cold spell in ages. That next fall, we moved back to California. Now in Ashland, I was determined to enjoy the cold and the countryside. There was one major problem that got in my way. When they built the add-on building, they attached heating ducts to the side of the main heating duct. They were at right angles to the main duct, so the warm air bypassed the ducks and cold air came out of the vents. I had to wear my hat in my rooms to keep my head warm. The temperature never got above 60 degrees. I bought some electric heaters, which ran up the electric bill. The utilities, plus the rent, left me with very little money from my fixed income. I endured the winter and enjoyed the summer, gardening and unpacking my boxes of junk.

My daughter Candace rented a room in the main house near the end of winter. It was a pleasure to be so close. She was in the last phase of producing her show and was quite busy. I was busy redesigning my illustrated book of Cancel Christmas. Her show was a huge success and she had more time to be around the land. Now, she wanted a friend. Her choice was a dog at the pet adoption center. I felt it was going to be too much for her, but I was mistaken about the dog, It was a combination, terrier, boxer and pit bull. She named her “Honey Bee.”  She then got a job in Martino’s, a nice restaurant in the Shakespeare festival section of Ashland. I watched Honey Bee while she was at work. Honey Bee and I got along famously.

Then in July I started thinking about the coming winter, and decided to see if I couldn’t find another place that might be warmer. I went on Craig’s List and contacted a few places that sounded good. I found a place not to far from where I lived and gave notice to Elizabeth, my landlady. Fortunately the deal fell through – a story not worth repeating. I decided I would stay, and Elizabeth said they would try to correct the heating problem. Then one day as I was getting ready to go into town, a lady called, whom I had contacted when I was searching for a place. Her place was available. I went to look at it, and it had a fireplace and was heavily insulated. I am now once again unpacking boxes that I packed to move to my new place. It is closer to town, but still near where I lived before. It is starting to get cooler, but I can feel that the cold does not creep in like it did before. I am happy.

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