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  Ronald (Ron) George McAlister, long time resident of San Rafael, passed away peacefully at the Kaiser Memorial Hospital in Redwood City, CA., March 10, 2009.
     Ron was born in Washington, D.C. on June 20, 1934. He was a Cosmetologist for 43 years. Ron was a lover of the arts and a caring soul, who helped many people in many ways. His memory will not fade away in the minds of those who knew him. He traveled the world and appreciated the beauty that he saw, he made new friends where ever he went. People connected with him and became his lifelong friend. He brought out the best in every individual and made them feel like they were not only unique but the best. He healed peoples lives and you joined his family, beyond his relatives, that to this day, feel connected to each other.

Ron loved to find a bargain and you would probably see him stopping at a garage sale or a thrift store to purchase a new treasure. He loved art of all forms and surrounded himself with many artists in all of the fields. He will be remembered by so many as being his best friend. That is how important he was to so many people. He is truly a shining star that will stay with so many of us for ever. His memory will not fade away in the minds of those who knew him.

Ron is survived by his Family - Two Sons: Sterling B. McAlister, and Mark Ashe McAlister, his Brother, James McAlister, his Ex-wife, Margaret A. McAlister and two grandchildren, Evan and Emily McAlister.

Comments from friends:

Sam Younghans - Glendale CA
      I met Ron in 1960. I came to San Francisco for a two week visit that elapsed into six months.  During that time Ron hired me to work in one of his shops in downtown San Francisco.
        While stopping at his main shop, on Leavenworth Street, I met my future wife, Paula Samonte, the Mother of my Son, Torre, and my Daughter, Samantha.
       Paula and I returned to Miami to pick up my things and then returned to San Francisco. It was Ron's suggestion that took us to Reno to get married. Ron was the best man.
      No matter where we moved, we were always in touch with Ron. He was a central figure who always kept the group together to this very day.
         Cindi Valverde, and Paula Samonte, Ron's long time friends, were at Ron's side at the Kaiser Hospital in Redwood City when he passed on.
        I was in Las Vegas, expecting to meet up with Ron.  When he didn't show, I received calls from Cindi and Paula, who kept me posted.
       I believe I speak for all of us when I say, "God speed Ron. We will get together one day again."



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