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Last Wednesday, July first, at 5:30pm, I turned on my computer for the first time that day. I read my mail, and went on Facebook. There was an invitation from Gene Burnett about his open-mic on the first Wednesday of the month. He said that since this was the first days of the legalization of marijuana, the theme would be smoking and drinking.
       I immediately thought of the poem I had recently discovered about Marijuana. I had written it in 2007 so it was in a WordPerfect format. I converted it to Word format and read it at a poetry slam on June 16th 2015. Gene Burnett always performs at these slams. So when he saw me at his open-mic, he asked me if I was going to do the same poem. When I said yes, he wanted to know if I wanted to go on first. I said that I didn’t mind waiting. He told me to signal him when I was ready, and he would put me on.
       Gene opened the show with about five really nice songs. I signaled him I would follow him. He gave me a really nice intro and I went on. I told them I wrote the poem between 1954, when I was first turned on, and now; that I wasn’t sure when. At that time I couldn’t remember when, but I checked my files today and found it was written in 2007. I also checked some other things that go into this unending story. I dramatized each stanza, received a great ovation, and then returned to my beer.
       Later I returned home and went to bed early (Beer makes me sleepy.) Before I dropped off, I told myself I would have good entertaining dreams. I woke up about 5:30am. I had many dreams during the night, so I was trying to recall them. I saw many faces and went through a sequential type of dream. It kept repeating, but with different faces each time; people I never saw before in this life. It felt very entertaining.
       Then for some reason, I was thinking about Treasure Island in San Francisco. I had been there once or twice. I couldn’t remember when or with whom I had been there with. I was visualizing the drive off of the bay Bridge, down the road to the island. Then it came to me. I had taken Ron McAllister’s Mother there to the Naval Base. She was visiting Ron, and he asked me to take her there to shop. So, I climbed out of bed and started writing this.
       One of the reasons I am writing this is because of the many synchronicities that appeared. First the poem, which is at the end of this, “never ending” story. It was titled “Marijuana.” In 2004 I had written to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was governor of California at the time, telling him how he could make marijuana legal and make a lot of money for the state as well. It is all on my website. Then in 2007 I wrote the poem.
       Another reason: When I first met Ron McAlister (1960) in San Francisco, I offered him a joint and he refused. Years later, everyone knew how he liked to smoke a dubbie and watch the “Simpsons.” I don’t know if he ever saw the film “Milk” with Sean Penn. I didn’t see it until after Ron passed away. They ran a section of film about San Francisco at the time of Milk’s mayorship in which it shows Ron in his nun’s costume riding a motorbike near a transit streetcar. I immediately put a capture of it on his page on my website at
       Now I researched Treasure Island. What do you think I found. It is called Yerba Buena, another name for the herb called marijuana. They changed the name Yerba Buena to San Francisco on January 30, 1847, three years before California was admitted for statehood. Below are some links to some of my website's posts about the above. What do you think? Does the story go on? To Arnold Schwarzenegger To Ron McAlister and the photo from the movie "Milk."


YERBA BUENA  - On July 7, 1846, US Navy Commodore John D. Sloat, in the Battle of Yerba Buena, claimed Alta California for the United States during the Mexican-American War, and US Navy Captain John Berrien Montgomery and US Marine Second Lieutenant Henry Bulls Watson of the USS Portsmouth arrived to claim Yerba Buena two days later by raising the American flag over the town plaza, which is now Portsmouth Square in honor of the ship.

Henry Bulls Watson was placed in command of the garrison there. On July 31, 1846, Yerba Buena doubled in population when about 240 Mormon migrants from the East coast arrived on the ship Brooklyn, led by Sam Brannan. In August 1846, Lt. Washington Allon Bartlett was named alcalde of Yerba Buena. On January 30, 1847, Lt. Bartlett's proclamation changing the name Yerba Buena to San Francisco took effect. The city and the rest of Alta California officially became a United States military territory in 1848 by the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ended the Mexican-American War. California was admitted for statehood to the United States on September 9, 1850. The State soon chartered San Francisco as both a City and a County.


by Sam Younghans - 04/15/2007


Marijuana is not a drug!
Marijuana is a plant!
Marijuana is Euphoric!
It wouldn’t hurt an ant.

Marijuana wasn’t always illegal,
It made you want to chat.
It made you feel happy,
What was wrong with that?

Tobacco gives you cancer
You die a horrible death.
Money talks louder,
than a dying person’s breath.

Marijuana was legal,
till the government said we can’t.
Now they put you in jail
for smoking that beautiful plant.

They lied to the people,
About the bad effects of weed.
Said it was dangerous,
To justify a greedy need.

Marijuana can grow anywhere,
and grow faster than a tree.
Marijuana just needs water,
and it can grow for free.

Since they can’t make money,
They don’t want it around.
They don’t like happy people,
So they run it to the ground.

There are thousands who smoke it,
And there are thousands that know.
Marijuana is not harmful!
One day the truth will show.

We know nature is stronger
Than the most wicked pen.
Marijuana is mightier,
Than the mightiest of men

We are living in the dark ages,
Looking back on our past.
One day marijuana will win.
The light will come at last.

If the government is truly
looking out for our health,
stop growing tobacco,
and forget about the wealth

It is sad that many people
Believe what they read.
They are missing an experience
Because of someone’s greed.

Until you have smoked it
And given it a try.
You shouldn’t make a statement,
Or give a reason why.

Come on Government
Get to the point.
Make it legal, and lets all
Light up a joint.

  The Story goes on!  

- 06/18/2010 - The photo below was take from the film "Milk" with Sean Penn. I was watching the DVD, and they were showing actual flashbacks of that time, and all of sudden, there was Ron.  I remember when he had the motor bike and I remember him wearing the nun's outfit; I think it was for Halloween, but not necessarily. If anyone viewing this has any photos of Ron from that time. Please send them to me (CLICK HERE) in a jpeg (JPG) format. Ron's birthday is two days away. June 20th.


Ron in"MILK" Ron McAlister in a flashback scene from the film "MILK"


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