Let's go sailing!

Saturday, 10:00 am - your time.

The Form is below this informatin. We are sending our love and healing energy to the planet Earth - so we can go sailing with good feelings in our hearts.

Please fill out all of the following information and press the SUBMIT button. The reason I ask for this information is to have an idea where people are located. If you desire, you can set up a physical meet in your area. When you have a location for a meet, I will post it on this site so that people in your area may join you for meditation.

I recommend a phsyical meeting; form your own group and unite with us. It has been very rewarding to the ones who attend in Ashland. I start meditating at 9:45 and when people arrive there is no talking, they just start to meditate. We do not have anyone talking us through meditation. It is your own time. At 10:30 am we stop, stand, join hands to unite our energy.

We then raise our hands to the universe for energy, and then drop our joined hands, point them to the center of our group and send all of the energy to the middle of the planet, so it may bubble out all over the world, reaching out for those in need of love and healing. (We have variations of that) The more energy we send out, the more energy reaches those who have shut themselves off from love and healing.

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