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Our Global Healing Group -
Experienced Energy Healers, working to assist Earth's transition!
This page last updated on Sep 12, 2015
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Early Group History
(to August 16, 2015, per Don Chapin)

  As extracted from the Notes on the next page, prior to starting as a formal group in August 2013, Don had been individually working on attempting to "clean up" local layers of negatively-oriented mass consciousness, starting on a perceived very thick, basalt-looking layer over the U.S. Eastern seaboard, centered over Washington DC, but extending from about Raleigh, NC up through Boston MA.

Don, having experienced MANY peak experiences per lprww.org), without thinking about it, had previously practiced sending his consciousness around the globe, sending enrgy to "points of light" he had interpreted as "emerging consciousnesses" (people undergoing internal/individual spiritual development).

Then, that August, Don attended a meeting of accomplished energy healers with the intent of proposing a group effort at cleaning up the global mass consciousness (MC) layer. That particular group, at that meeting, had found itself with a mysteriously-vacated moderator and readily agreed to take on the type of effort Don proposed. (Don had earlier "confirmed" his "observations" of such localized MC layer configurations in a June 4, 2012 private session with "Larkmaa," a group of locally (then, Ashland) channeled Plaidians, ref: www.laarkmaa.com.)
  In the very first group session (establishing the continued practice of being a "workshop" rather than a regular meditation session :-), continuing with the work of "chipping away" at the perceived Eastern seaboard MC layer, Don began stating what he was naturally simply "seeing" or "otherwise experiencing." Later, thinking he might have been disturbing the others in the group, he apologized and promised to not do that again, but the group unanimously over-rode his offer and wanted that type of feedback... a new experience for practitioners that had never before experienced such an "instant" response to that which they were all meditating for about. That practice continued as written "RESULTS" for each subsequent meeting.

When one active participant couldn't participate at the designated time the group physically met, but had established a strong purpose and intent the night before, Don could "feel" and attest to the energies she had sent so that it was "proven" from that and many subsequent meetings that physical meetings were not necessary as each participant's designated energy was made available for the group effort. (This contribution to a "quantum field" effect is corraborated by many channelings as well as the emerging field of quantum physics.)

Then, on January 3, 2014: We've received "the word" this evening from the spiritual planes that, from their perspective, the global shift HAS ALREADY OCCURRED!! Therefore, to help solidify this shift from the human perspective, using the energy methods we've been using to date (similar to low-level shamanism and/or typical energy healing practices), we need to ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE. So, rather than "cleaning up the negative" from this time forward, we'll be sending the energy from a POSITIVE perspective, rather than a "clean-up" perspective. :-)

Since "possibilities are infinite" and we didn't want to create a boring repetition for the members, as noted on our "Notes" page, we used a different process each week, until the 94th, July 4, 2015, meeting when we had developed a process (the Heart-to-Heart Replicator, described in detail in the session #100 "Notes") that we became quite satisfied with because of its apparent universality and effectiveness. During this same time frame, between the 94th and 98th session, Don had become aware that "it was time for a change" and, Sam Younghan, with a commitment to Earth and Humanity "betterment/advancement" equal to, or (suspected as even) higher than Don's, a needed different skill set and some independent ideas of what the group's possibilities are, voluntarily stepped in as the group Moderator.

    We only work globally - WHY?
We agree with the philosophy of a sister organization
“As we watch the news, it’s important to maintain balance in our emotional energies while we are exposed to situations that stir the emotions of the global collective, such as videos of innocent children suffering in Gaza or militant extremists taking over Iraq, the Ebola virus outbreak or severe water problems – from droughts to flooding, just to mention a few. Remember that if we emotionally over-identify with what we are caring about, it drains our energy, puts our health at risk and dilutes our compassion. With heart-felt attention and practice, we can find our balance and composure with care giving and also increase our effectiveness and (personal) health maintenance.” (Ref: http://www.glcoherence.org)

Don Chapin: After hearing about a process, sometime in 1988, referred to as Extending Your Consciousness in a channeling session by Jack Percell, who brought the entity Lazaris through, I started sending my consciousness around the globe (Ref. lprww.org, Item 2), observing "sparks of light" that I interpreted as individually-emerging "Christ-consciousness openings" (in the larger, not strictly Christian sense). I'd then send those "openings" as much energy as I could imagine to encourage sustained further opening on the part of those individuals.

I didn't realize the shamanic aspects of that activity at the time, but that "extended consciousness" concept has been broadened considerably in the various workshop sessions of this group, to the extent that we have generally used a different process for each week we have "met." Additionally, we do not meet physically, but with imagination, purpose, focus and intent, we combine our energies "on other planes" to effect change in the Astral.

Presented below are some bare-bones approaches that were initially used by our Team. However, our Meeting Notes page details the unique approaches we have used for each week of operation, as well as the observed/perceived results.... and, as a shaman advisor once said, "When you encounter the unexpected, then you KNOW something has happened."

Why haven’t we kept doing the same process each week?
Here’s a partial answer from a Q&A session of Book #8, “The Light Path” (lprww.us) “…on the human plane if you do something regularly, you tend to deny its importance. This is why we want you to use different tools, different light to give yourself variety, so that you will continue to focus on the importance of what you are doing. Otherwise, it becomes another routine in your life and you do not receive the maximum benefit. Yes, you are going to benefit. Anytime you use light and energy you are going to benefit, but we want you to maximize all of the benefits of your tools.”

And, from Book #9,“Advanced Keys For Life Management,” (lprww.us) chapter 12:
“To learn the techniques of light and energy requires a great deal of processing and effort because the concepts are unusual to your plane of action, they are inter-dimensional and they are really inter-galactic in nature.

“So, what has come about for many of you is a inter-dimensional, inter-galactic consciousness, an unfoldment of your individuality as spiritual, as light, as energy and, more than that, as uplifted.”

(These were concepts that were used or adapted very early on, but our "Notes" page contains the constantly-varying processes we applied each week.)
  Using the Oceans

Believe it or not, the oceans can be used as a giant, global antennae!! In a meditative state, while using a crystal, or not, and being "directed" which way to point it, visualize energized pink energy going up each coastal area, traveling up the rivers flowing into the oceans and all over the Earth, emaninating from the water. It has been estimated (or calculated?) that 80% of earth's population lives withing 50 miles of a water's edge, so look at the number of people that can be exposed to very positive energy!
Direct Global Work
With reference to our Meeting Notes page, during the 1st year's work by our Healing Earth group, Direct Global Work was predominant and we have found MANY different ways/processes to accomplish global healing work... maybe SOMEDAY we'll see about consolidating the techniques we used for listing here.
  After researching and detailing the "World Peace Exercise" http://www.lprww.us/World Peace Exercise.html, Don started using that same technique, although not as "religiously" as he probably should have.

One method is to see the Earth from outer space and simply visualize the energy you are working with as surrounding the Earth.
Another method is to simply "send your consciousness" around the globe, directing the energy everywhere possible. (He started using this approach many years ago, seeing various lights pop up and sending those lights additional energy to encourage their respective opening to the God consciousness/expanded consciousness states that they were initiating.)
A third method is to visualize the Earth in the palm of your hand and direct/see the energy you are working with cover the whole globe.
Many variations have used since, as reflected in the Meeting Notes, linked from the top of this page.

Ref. lprww.org, Item 23. Global work, 2007
On Nov 4, 2007, Don had a strong urge ("received the word"?) to simplify that process by simply surrounding and interpenetrating Earth with the effervescent pink God-Light of Love. This approach was confirmed by channeled words from an independent source, on Nov 23rd, of "He got it! He got it"

Continuing - Dec 22, 2007,
Don felt as if a message "came through" and began using the white light of Christmas, converting it to pink light and "going" all around the globe with that. The result, within the first two days of application, seems to be a very heavy concentration of pink around the globe... really thick.

Ref. lprww.org, Item 27. Easter energy, Mar 23, 2008
Easter morning. Again, using the higher intensity of God Light that is so much more abundant on these holidays, Don found that attempting to combine the pink and God Light (similar to FM radio waves) wasn't as efficient as having the pink light of love ride along with the God Light (similar to AM radio waves). The "penetration efficiency" was considerably higher with this approach. Also, in using this approach on Mass Consciousness, since you are then essentially an open channel to that energy, he found you have to be on guard and work on blocking out or dissolving many of the aberrations that "love" assumes within that consciousness.

Ref. lprww.org, Item 30. Global work2, November 2008
For a slightly different set of experiences, open Thanksgiving '08 Experiences on the Oregon coast.
Variations on the Global Healing Theme:

  • Work on Earth’s Chakras: suggested by p. 232 (Repairing the Four Fractured Earth Chakras), of “Unplugging the Patriarchy,” by Lucia Rene.
  • Work on Earth’s ley lines: As a corollary from “Work on Earth’s Chakras,” this approach would probably work best if we could “plug in” to a major ley line or a junction, but, with the purpose and intention, of acting on the whole global grid. "Luckily" the following was found for the Southern Oregon area:
  Working Regionally

Ref. lprww.org, Item 24. Regional Consciousness, Dec 29, 2007
At the SF airport, waiting to board the flight to Hong Kong, then to Singapore for a back-to-back SE Asian cruise - I was very surprised to feel the energy of that region reach out and engulf me. I had to work at "coming back" to the present and felt weak/drained when I did. Although also sensing a vibrational shift at my core as I did so. This occurred without being in any form of meditative state. I would never have thought such a thing was ever possible, but it was as if that region "knew" I was on my way and the purpose behind this cruise - to say "goodbye" to that part of Earth, the world where I had experienced so many incarnations, since I do not expect to come back for another incarnation.
For additional somewhat lesser experiences on that trip, download "Notes on a SE Asia Trip.doc."

Ref. lprww.org, Item 47. Gaia regional response, Sunday, May 26, 2013, Ketchican, AK, from an Alaskan cruise starting May 24, 2013:
I had asked local residents of Ketchican if they were concerned about the oil drilling farther North in AK and they apparently weren’t, currently, because “it’s too far away.”
• Using a “Lumerian crystal,” I'd brought along on this cruise (also ref: lprww.net) I looked at the “energy of the region” and received the information similar to Topic # 24, that each single “human-generated atrocity” really wasn’t the deeper issue, and that we get very little accomplished by fighting each issue that comes up with our protests, because these protests (a) don’t address the root cause. The root cause was/is greed at all levels of these corporations. We’re more aware of that phenomena at the top of the corporations and the BoD (b), because of the salaries and perks that are handed out. However, upper-middle and even middle management are subject to the same phenomena, albeit in a more subtle form, as they “are simply trying to earn a living and provide for their families, yet, in that process, come up with many of the money-earning ideas for the company that don’t even begin to address the deeper environmental issues. So, it comes down to “greed at all levels in profit-motivated corporations."
• Later, working with that crystal, I thought to ask what color to use to work on that problem of greed at all levels and the answer that seemed to come through was “red.” Now, I had some time ago, been prompted to use red on the East coast granite-like edifice, so was this answer coming from me or from “outside?” regardless, it seemed consistent.
(a) “Tao Te Ching, “ Stephan Mitchell, Chapter 30, starting with the 4th line
"For every force there is a counterforce.
Violence, even well intentioned,
always rebounds upon itself"
(b) Ibid, Chapters 39 "In harmony with the Tao" and 53, starting with the 5th line: "When rich speculators prosper..."

Bringing in Higher Frequencies

Ref. lprww.org, Item 26. Multidimensional space, March 1, 2008
Language fails in this, again! While surrounding the Earth in pink light, this evening, I found myself going into the interior of atomic structures, as before but, this time very briefly, because I was "swooping" out into truly multidimensional space, through many other dimensions. While still in multidimensional space but on "the way back," I realized that I needed to take advantage of this experience, so I again "swooped" out and gathered whatever "higher" energies I could from those other dimensions I had just traversed, bringing back much higher-vibrational energy and surrounding the Earth with it. Felt really energized ("jazzed")... so no sleep until almost 3AM the next morning!

Ref. lprww.org, Item 33. Using galactic energies, February 4, 2010
Working with both white and pink light around Earth, then began moving out to a galactic position (Milky Way), using the energies from our Galaxy to direct toward Earth. Very soon was working from an inter-galactic position ("pushed"?, "requested" to move out to here?, voluntarily moved to here? - don't know), but using white light from all of these galaxies, not to just raise Earth's vibrations, but to "clean up" the negativity pouring off of Earth into the Universe (see quote at end of this page citing "The earth has a negative environment at present.").

Mass Consciousness (MC) Clearing

MC = Mass Consciousness on this website.

Why are monks supposedly seeking higher altitudes... why the difference in "clarity" between meditations done on the earth vs. the same meditation done "at altitude" - flying at 30K feet high, or so ? Ref. lprww.org, Topic #s 37 & 39, for previous work.

Since most of the “problems” on Earth seem to stem from mankind’s “mismanagement of the earthly environment, through erroneous belief systems and attitudes, this approach appears to be a highly impacting approach at "healing Earth,:" "Cleaning up" Mass Consciousness (eliminating/neutralizing human-generated the erroneous beliefs, attitudes and negativity to whatever extent possible), can give Earth a “breathing spell” allowing for a bit of Earthly self-rejuvenation and self healing.

Ref. lprww.org, Item 32. Mass consciousness clearing, September 19, 2009
After having been "directed" and working with white light, followed by effervescent pink light, on the mass consciousness around Earth for a couple months (this took the appearance of clearing out "tunnels"), I found myself observing another "tunnel" leading off to my right side and descending. As I went deeper, the "medium" to which I was applying the white light became extremely dense, of a consistency almost like a thick oil spill. This descending tunnel came to a "T" so I started off to my right, "received" a correction, then turned around to take the other branch.

I soon came to what I sensed was a large room or cavern, which was confirmed when the white light began clearing the "gunk" from it. Although I hadn't expected it, I also immediately experienced a whole-body confirmation of protection (kind of a tingling sensation all over). After the cavern was cleared, I then "coated' the room walls with the pink light. I then started to follow through to address an assumed entrance on the other side of the cavern, but "received" the information that this was enough for now, so turned around and left the cavern.

Getting a "message" to re-check the large cavern, I found it was again filling with "gunk" from the entrance on the other side. However, when I then used the white light to re-clear it, I found that the "gunk" couldn't adhere to the cavern walls as it had originally.
Velly intellesting!!!

Mass Consciousness (MC) "layers"

We can think of a "Mass Consciousness Layer" over the Earth, built up over the centuries by human thoughts, similar to this picture, with regional influences. Since mankind often has conducted their live in a state of fear and/or animosity, the mass consciousness layering, both localized and global, contains a LOT of that negativity.

Ref. lprww.org, Item 39. Mass Consciousness Appearance, as layers, August, 2011
Working with/attempting to "spiritualize" mass consciousness across the U.S. over a period of time. “Looking at the various cultural regions around the U.S., the NE seaboard Mass Consciousness layer appeared as a basalt-cliff-looking “monolith” tapering from north of Boston – at a low, but distinct elevation - down thru Washington DC – which was perceived to be at a very high plateau in the monolith - to about Richmond, VA or Raleigh, NC… a solid black impenetrable cliff, which possibly arose from the partisan politics being played out(???) (this was later "confirmed" in a June 4, 2012 private session with "Larkmaa," a group of Plaidians channeled through Cullen and Pia, ref: www.laarkmaa.com) that Don had been “working” for some time previously with limited results (very small “cracks/scratches in the western-facing “wall.” After a few days working primarily on trying to get light around and into that cliff, he began to see some minor cracks appear, but it was still a very foreboding edifice. Needs a LOT more work! (I never did set any specific times aside to work on this, but did so quite sporadically after this post.) California and the West coast was decidedly mixed, CA appearing as "vertical curls," spending little effort there. Midwest and Southwest relatively clean to a light gray (more yellowish in the SW0, I suspect depending upon population densities. The South and Southeast, a muddy brown color, somewhat difficult to see too far into. East up to the Eastern seaboard and particularly around Washington D.C., seemed to be (This was later "confirmed" in a June 4, 2012 private session with "Larkmaa," a group of Plaidians channeled through Cullen and Pia, ref: www.laarkmaa.com.) After a few days working primarily on trying to get light around and into that cliff, I began to see some cracks appear, but it was still a very foreboding edifice. Needs a LOT more work! (I never did set any specific times aside to work on this, but did so quite sporadically after this post.)

On Oct 7, 2013, Sandy Cole suggested that, rather than address the Washington DC area specifically, to initiate a "rolling energy wave" starting from the western coastline of the U.S. and slowly sending it across the continent as a "cleansing wave," terminating at and surrounding Washington DC. A logical rathonale for such an approach is that it is the Mass Consciousness of the populace that elects the disfunctional representatives being sent to Washington, so why not address the source (the population's Mass Consciousness as a whole) as well as the end result (the disfunctional Mass Consciousness around the Capital).

Tree Communication

Ref. lprww.org, Item 5. Tree talk, 1990
Several years earlier, in late 1974 and 1975, I use to make several trips to Arnold Engineering Development Center near Tullahoma, TN, driving from the Nashville airport down I-24, which was tree-lined fro many miles. It was such a beautiful area, that I often "extended my consciousness" while driving to "touch" the mostly evergreen trees on each side of the highway.

Now, in 1990, Diane and I often drove from Santa Rosa, CA out to the coast near Jenner, going through the redwoods west of Guernville. It was, again, such a beautiful area that, on the first such trip, I again began extending my consciouness as I had done in Tennessee. However, this time I received a shocking surprise, to the extent that I had to really concentrate on staying on the road. I received a response back from those redwoods that said "Hello, old friend. It's been a long time."

And here we think of trees and other vegetation as independent plants without a thought process or consciousness????

Quote - Hunbatz Men, Mayan priest/shaman, or ‘day keeper’ on Yucatan Peninsula (from p. 297 of The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, Morton & Thomas):
‘… people in America and in Britain they are now destroying the jungles, even as far away as Brazil. But even though Brazil is a long way from the United States it does not mean that the Earth changes we accelerate there are not going to affect the United States. And because they are killing the trees in Brazil now the trees in the Mayan area are also beginning to die. Because all the trees in the world they can communicate. The Maya, we say, don’t kill any tree because if you kill any tree you are killing your family. When you kill a tree it is like killing your own brother or sister. In that way, the Maya, we believe in the trees. But the trees are only one part of the Mother. The trees are for the Maya the skin of our mother, and the oil it is the blood, and the rivers they are her sweat, her perspiration. But the mistakes today they are accelerating her life and now it is not good because the big change is coming.'

Ref. lprww.org, Item 29. Redwood communication, August 6, 2008
On the way to the coast through the redwoods, doing "my thing" in attempting to merge energies/commune with those magnificent trees... this time received an almost overwhelming feeling of love. Later that day, while meditating in the hotel room in Gold Beach, I "learned" that this global meditation can also take the form of tapping into the love I felt coming at me this morning, adding the pink light/God's love and feeding all of that back to Earth. Very interesting concept... and it works!
Ref. lprww.org, Item 42. Redwood consciousness, December 29, 2011
CA 1 and the Redwoods... the next-to-last day of a week-long driving loop. encompassing the Bay area, SF, Santa Rosa and a coastal drive, back to Talent, OR.
In a trip leg from Mendocino to Crescent City, the drive from Mendocino on CA 1 to where CA 1 intersects with 101, traverses a tremendous, apparently virgin Redwood forest that is absolutely astounding. I started to extend my consciousness through the forest as I have done on many previous occasions, but then something began to “happen.” While driving through the myriad twists, turns and switchbacks, I suddenly began experiencing intense feelings of completeness and joy… an indescribable spiritually uplifting event that, except for having to accomplish the driving, would have reduced me to tears. I experienced tremendous waves of thankfulness that these magnificent plants existed, along with their natural supporting undergrowth, and could feel their presence as an integral part of my own presence.

The next day, leaving Crescent City and driving thru the redwoods on route 199, I experienced the distinct feeling that these trees were communicating telepathically… no, that word (telepathic) implies a conscious effort and this communication capability was inherent. Further, this capability extends to “lower” forms of vegetation, as well, potentially including fields of corn or wheat, for example. This communication is similar in concept to that attributed to “the field” of quantum physics, yet different in that it is limited to plants, with an occasional opening to other life forms, such as I might have been briefly exposed. (See quote of the Mayan priest/shaman in Topic #5.)

Postscript, Dec 30 thru Jan 1: Have been experiencing uncharacteristic bouts of “spaciness” and vertigo(1). In a telephone discussion with a friend on Jan 1, he later said he’d immediately picked up on a very “spacy” quality in my voice.

Postscript, Jan 1 thru Jan 6 (and beyond): The “spaciness” and vertigo disappeared as I got into end-of-year spreadsheet updating, but then I was experiencing “fast-flying-knats” that rapidly traversed my visual field, top to bottom. Initially, as an automatic reaction, I’d swat my upper chest in an attempt to smack them, only to eventually discover there was no “them,” including this being the time of year that bugs of this nature weren’t around.

(1) O.K., I’d just turned 73 and have experienced some light vertigo periods in the last few months, but this level of intensity is relatively sudden, a much heavier-than-usual experience, and accompanied by this “spaciness,” which is quite uncharacteristic. Yet, it is forcing me to be far more conscious of “the now,” and to not take even normal body movement for granted. Also, having previously been a Type A working personality, I’m now experiencing a far more laid-back outlook, at a considerably deeper level than I had intellectually been attempting to incorporate previously.

The Trees Join the Collaboration (a quote from Page 235, Unplugging the Patriarchy, by Lucia Rene)

In the afternoons I often took walks along a hiking trail overlooking the mesa behind my house. When I was feeling fit, rather than turn around, walk back to the trailhead, and return along the sidewalk, I sometimes scaled the side of the mesa directly behind my house, weaving my way among the boulders and pine trees until I reached my back gate.
One day as I began my ascent, I noticed a dignified pine towering above the trail. Its massive trunk grew perfectly straight and then, about twenty feet up, took an unusual bend that dipped out over the canyon.
"Wow, what an incredible tree!" I said aloud, remembering my quest to find a tree in New Mexico to help us communicate with trees around the world. I inched my way up the side of the mesa to get a closer look.
What a perfect tree that would be! I thought to myself.
"It's already taken care of," the tree said. Its voice was low and resonant and seemed distinctly masculine.
I hesitated. What do you mean? I asked it tentatively.
"I stand directly below your office window," it told me in a matter-of-fact tone. "I feel everything that happens with the three of you, every meditation you do, every realization you have. The information rolls off of the top of the mesa, and I catch it in my crook. This canyon connects to the Caldera. I use the currents of energy flowing down from the Caldera to disseminate updates to all the other trees around the world." It paused, and then added nobly, "We stand ready!"
For a few moments I didn't say anything; I was too amazed. Finally 1 told it, Thank you for your help. Is there anything that I can do for you in return?

"A hug would be nice."

I laughed out loud. Often in the past, I had heard about people embracing trees, but 1 was a rugged soldier, hardly the type to indulge in such a thing. Now feeling shy, I made my way among the rocks and gave it a long hug.
From that time forward, in my invocations that began our meditations, I summoned Mother Earth, then called on all her trees. In addition to the pine behind my house, I could also sense the presence of a 350-year-old live oak on ]ekyll Island and a tall, regal fii at the World Trade Organization. I would whisper to them, Tell all th trees on all the continents. Ask them if they will help.
All over the planet, trees would stir and rise to the task.. .and they always seemed to be delighted.

Buddah Consciousness
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